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Caragh Savage

Guest Tutor

Caragh Savage is a prize-winning artist who specialises in drawing, she has exhibited internationally with works held in private collections in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. An experienced Artist Tutor, Caragh led the University of Bath life drawing program for their University and Community arts provision and is due to teach a weekend course at Draw in the autumn of 2022.

“Drawing, for me, is ‘thought made visible’ and a kind of mental yoga: strengthening and challenging, whilst also being actively mindful. I love to become immersed in the process of drawing and so, when I teach, I would hope to foster a willingness to experiment, and to inspire an engagement with thinking through drawing. I like to think of drawing acting like a kind of flux for ideas, giving the potential for multiple outcomes.”

TW: @caragh_savage
IG: @caragh_savage


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