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Sara Reeve


Sara Reeve is an artist and alumni of the Draw Atelier 2019-20. She runs the Wednesday daytime online life drawing sessions, and teaches evening classes at Draw in Painting Portraits in Oils. Sara also helps out behind the scenes with admin for Draw.

What Sara says about her work:

"I’m interested in the tension between the subject and the viewer, and am often drawn to a confrontational gaze – I enjoy that jolt, pushing how comfortable viewers feel.  I’m striving to explore what feeds into a painting and what that painting feeds back to you.  I want to get under the skin of the sitter and of the viewer. My current work has various connected themes which weave into this – motherhood, ageing, daughters, masks/make up and the faces we show vs the faces we hide.  I’m influenced by female artists such as Jenny Saville, Helene Schjerfbeck and Chantal Joffe."

IG: @sarareevedraws


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