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Bella Franks

Session Leader

Bella has been drawing at Draw since 2013 and regularly life models here. She is founder of 'Bella's Bits & Bobs', running life drawing events in living rooms, boats and boardrooms all over London and leads the Saturday Short Pose life class at Draw with Megan, as well as leading most of our Hen and Stag party life drawing sessions.

What Bella says about her work:

"I have always loved drawing but my real passion began when I started life drawing - almost 16 years ago! 
I draw figurative subjects but use non-representational colours to bring them vibrancy & life. My favourite angle to draw the human form is from a foreshortened view point - I love tackling the complicated shapes and lines which often don't look like a body at all, but when the drawing is finished it comes together in a lovely way. I draw because drawing is my meditation & it forever gives me the stillness & joy that can otherwise be lost in a whirlwind life."

IG: @bella_franks_artist

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