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Draw Coronavirus Update

13 Mar. ' 20

In order to play our part in reducing the spread of novel coronovircus (COVID-19) and safeguard the health of our community we will be closing Draw for two weeks from Saturday 14th March - Monday 30th March. Although we don't think anybody should be panicking about coronavirus, we are a hub for people to gather, many of whom are in at-risk categories and it is very important that we do our bit at this early stage to minimise the spreading of the virus. We will assess the situation next week and update this blog post and our social media with details of re-opening, or of a continued closure.


I have booked a class - can I get a refund?

We will give credit for any classes that have been pre-booked. New dates will be issued for our Monday evening Portrait Painting class and Tonal Portrait Drawing workshops.

I have a drawing pass - how will it be affected?

Any Drawing Pass holders and Draw Atelier will their drawing passes paused - when we re-open we'll issue new cards with the lost time added to them.

I am a life model, how will my work be affected?

We are looking at ways to support life models through the expected ongoing loss of work. In the meantime, we will pay all models booked for the next two weeks in full, after that all models who have work canceled beyond those two weeks will have it replaced when we re-open. We will not be taking on any new models into the summer.

How will I know when Draw is re-opening?

Sign up to the newsletter via this website, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Can I do any life drawing at home?

It's not the same of course, but there are some excellent resources online - Croquis Cafe and Love Life Drawing are both free. We'll also be producing instructional blog posts to keep you going at home!

How this will affect our community


Draw is a social enterprise and does not have a significant emergency fund. Although we have planned for some adversity, our closure will have a knock on affect. We will be re-opening, but we will most likely have to pay for the two weeks closure with our 2020 Drawing Circus tour budget, so will not be able to run touring events in October. Further weeks will be paid for from the ETC talks budget, then from our marketing budget for the year. We'll tighten our dressing-gown cords for the year and ride this out just fine, with your support.

Models pay

All life models are self employed and will be significantly affected by the sudden loss of work. We will do everything we can to support them - that starts by paying them for work we are canceling, and we encourage other organisations to do the same. We have further support planned for life models that solely rely on modelling income and do not have other work or means of support.


Our focus whilst Draw is closed will be to support the drawing community in Brighton virtually, through social media and online inspiration. Supporting people's mental health will be as important as aiding their physical health, and that's where we can really play a role. If you are drawing at home, use the Brighton Life Drawing group to share your drawings and discuss your work with other members of the community at a distance.

Tutors Pay 

I am a volunteer at Draw and most of my paid work remains unaffected. However, all of our other tutors rely on Draw for a large portion of their income and will be significantly affected by a loss of work at Draw and elsewhere. We'll be sharing ways to support your community over the next two weeks, during which time we'll be paying tutors to do other work at the studio.

Thanks all for your understanding and support. Through proactive community action and social distancing we can minimise the spread of coronavirus and limit the harm to at-risk people in our community. Look out for your neighbours, make sure vulnerable people have access to food & medical supplies and take good care of your own mental & physical health, and if you've always wanted to get stuck into that grand self-portrait oil painting? Well now's your chance!

Warmest wishes,

Published by Jake Spicer on 13 Mar. ' 20

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