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New Website

02 May. ' 19

Over the past 10 years the way in which we run our life drawing programme has changed a lot - the volume and scope of sessions has increased considerably and we have much larger team of tutors that we'd ever envisaged in the early days, when we just ran just three, 6-person life classes a week. We decided it was about time to invest in a website that suited our needs a little better, one that reflected the changes we've made here at New England House and one that made it easier for you to find and book the sessions you want to attend. So here we have it, a bright new website - shiney as a sharpener and fresh as a newly opened tin of pencils, designed by our long term collaborators The Entente to help us carry our life classes on for the next 10 years.

Take a look around, pop me an email on info@draw-brighton.co.uk if you have any problems, queries or suggestions and keep your eyes open for more posts here on the blog.

Happy Drawing,


Published by Jake Spicer on 02 May. ' 19

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