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Card Collagraph Printmaking at Home

Card Collagraph is perfect for you if you enjoy the bold marks and crisp lines of relief prints but you want to add some delicacy and tonality to your images.

Card collagraph is a wonderfully hands-on haptic process which connects you to the surface you’re working on. We carve away our boards, scratch, peel and indent the surface to create a sculptural matrix. From an unassuming card matrix bold and impactful prints can be produced with tonal ranges and delicate line work.

For this course we will use mountboard as our matrix and we will exploit the layered nature of board to create tonal variation in our prints. Card collagraph does not require specialist tools, you only need a sharp blade and a vision!

During this course you will work at your own pace, fitting your printing time around your day to day life. You will work through the processes demonstrated to you in the tutorial videos, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced printmaker you will be able to adapt your prints to suit your style and level of experience.

Scarlett will show you how to set up a printing space in your home and work to professional standards, whether you're working in your home studio or on your kitchen table.

Having been teaching printmaking for 10+ years, Scarlett Rebecca is an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to transferring pigment to paper! And now she is inviting you to come explore printmaking techniques with her, all from the comfort of your own home.

What's included in the price?

  • The delivery of your own printmaking materials box, lovingly hand packed, assembled and posted to your door.
    Your printmaking materials box will contain:
    3 x A5 Mountboard
    Printmaking Ink
    Two kinds of printmaking paper
    Tissue paper
    Greaseproof sheet
    Printmaker's Hand Scrub
  • Four detailed video tutorials to watch at your own speed. These include; an introduction to the printmaking process and it’s print family with reference to historical and contemporary artists’ work; detailed explanation of registration, using a press and paper handling; step by step instructions for card collagraph plate making and printing; and guidance on how to develop your prints further with additional techniques.
  • A selection of downloads including; Printmaking glossary; List of recommended suppliers; List of recommended books/magazines/galleries.
  • An invitation to join the Print Club online forum on slack.com, a community of printmakers where we share our works in progress, print troubleshooting, advice, inspiration and give feedback on each other's work.
  • Once you have completed a course you will have the opportunity to join the Printmaking Studio Sessions, where we work alongside each other in our zoom studio, and the Printmaker's Group Critique sessions, where we come together on Zoom to discuss our current work, give advice and feedback.

What you will need

For the course you will need:
Scalpel & blades
Printing Roller
Palette knife*
Low odour white spirit or vegetable oil to clean up with
Rags/newspaper/kitchen towel to clean up with
A3 sheet acetate for registration*
Wooden spoon, baren or printing press.

To join the Print Club online forum you will need to register for a free slack.com account.


You will receive emailed instructions on how to access the course videos within 24 hours of your order.

Postage in included within the U.K. Please get in contact for rates if you would like your box posted outside of the U.K.


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