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Intaglio Printing at Home (4 week course)

Printmaking is not just the straight-forward reproduction of an image, it is an engaging and absorbing process, an act of image making that can transform your ideas and drawings into something spectacular that can’t be replicated in any other medium. This online printmaking course will allow you to learn new and develop existing skills in printmaking and image making, while working at your own pace. You will be shown how to set up a small print space at home and we will recreate the social and community feel of an in-person class in our weekly live sessions through Zoom. The use of a printmaking press for this course is recommended due to the pressure that is needed to produce an intaglio print but good quality prints can still be achieved though printing by hand and this will be incorporated in the course videos. 


Intaglio printmaking is the print process where the ink is held on the plate in the incised lines and caught by the rough marks of the plate. Etching, aquatint and collagraph fall in to this category. This form of printmaking is often the one that springs to mind when you think of print and is characterised by descriptive line work and rich areas of black. If you don’t own a press be prepared for some intensive hand burnishing to achieve your prints - it requires some elbow grease. In this course we will be exploring drypoint engraving on plastic and Tetra Pak, carborundum prints and monotype.


How it will work

Every Monday during the 4 week course you will be sent instructional videos explaining and demonstrating different intaglio techniques. You will be able to watch these videos and print-along with them at your own speed throughout the week. On the Saturday of that week you will join a small online session on Zoom (max 8 students) where Scarlett will provide further live demonstration and you will be able to ask questions and share your successes and failures with the group. For the last week of the course you will be sent a bonus video with an advanced printmaking technique for you to try when you are feeling confident enough to use it. The materials for the bonus video are not provided but can be easily sourced if you want to give it a try. Throughout the weeks you will also be able to email Scarlett for specific feedback on your prints.

Course timetable:

Week 0

Mon 12th April / 19:00-19:45 / A compulsory introduction for all students on Zoom

This will be a chance to get used to the format of the Zoom sessions and to ask questions about the materials, ensuring you are ready to start in time for the following week. Your box of materials will arrive this week in time for next week's course.

Week 1

Mon 19th April / Videos will be sent covering:

  • Introduction to Intaglio print
  • Registration & printing with a press
  • Drypoint engraving

Sat 24th April / Choose from 10-12pm, 4-6pm / 2 hour Zoom workshop

Week 2

Mon 26th April / A video will be sent covering:

  • Monotype & Tetra Pak Drypoint

Sat 1st May / Choose from 10-12pm, 4-6pm / 2 hour Zoom workshop

Week 3

Mon 3rd May / A video will be sent covering:

  • Carborundum printing

Sat 8th May / Choose from 10-12pm, 4-6pm / 2 hour Zoom workshop

Week 4

Mon 10th May / Videos will be sent covering:

  • Bringing everything together
  • *Bonus video: Viscosity printing*

Sat 15th May / Choose from 10-12pm, 4-6pm / 2 hour Zoom workshop


Preparing for the Online Course

As part of the course you will receive a materials box including all the basic materials you will need for the course. You will need to source some equipment and materials yourself; the box also includes a special discount code that can be used at Handprinted.co.uk - these extra materials will cost no more than £30 and you may already have some at home. A week before the start of the course there will be a short Zoom meeting to introduce the course to everyone and familiarise yourself with the Zoom app, providing the opportunity for a Q&A about the course and materials you will be using and allowing you time to order materials before the course start date the following week.

What you will need for the online sessions:

  • A tablet, smartphone or computer with a microphone & camera
  • A free Zoom account - you can sign up to Zoom here.

Materials provided in the box & included in course cost:

  • A5 Plastic drypoint plate x 3
    Tetrapak plate x 2
  • Piece of scrim
  • 2 x pot etching ink 
  • ~A4 printmaking paper x 20
  • A4 cartridge x 20
  • Bags of carborundum grit
  • Sandpaper sheet
  • A4 tissue paper 

Extra materials that you will need to provide*:

  • Scrap card
  • Paintbrush 
  • Vegetable oil/LO White spirit
  • PVA
  • Pointed drawing tools/drypoint tools
  • Rags/kitchen towel
  • (Desirable) ~A3 piece of acetate
  • *Optional Extra for Viscosity Printing: Magnesium Powder, Plate oil/vegetable oil*

*Further details will be provided on booking

Please note: Delivery for the materials box is included for UK addresses. If you live outside of UK, there will be an additional postage cost - please email info@draw-brighton.co.uk if you live outside the UK and would like to join the course.

Time: 19:00 → 19:45
Location: Zoom

Tuition: Ongoing CourseTutored


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