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Kitchen Lithography: Drawing with Chocolate

Kitchen lithography is a great introduction to lithographic printmaking as it works with the same principle that oil and water do not mix, but within this workshop the process relies on ingredients you would find in your kitchen. We will draw with chocolate and soap and etch with lemon juice or coke.

Invented by Émilee Aizier as a non-toxic alternative to traditional lithography, Kitchen Lithography gives immediate results and achieves an impressive range of marks and subtlety that you can reproduce at home.

During this workshop we will cover:

  • Creating a kitchen litho plate
  • Drawing materials and mark making
  • Etching technical process
  • Registration
  • Paper handling
  • Set up and use of lithography press

Suitable for those with no printmaking experience and those wishing to refresh their skills.

Suitable for ages 14 and up. 

Maximum 10 participants.

Time: 19:00 → 21:00
Location: The Draw Studio

Tuition: TutoredOne-day Workshop


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