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Online Portrait Club

Jake Spicer

The first rule of portrait club: Everybody sits for portrait club. 

The idea is simple - when you join the portrait club Zoom session on a Thursday evening you will be welcomed by the host, then put into a group of 4-5 people. Everybody in that group takes it in turns to pose in front of the camera for 8-10 minutes while everybody else draws. By the end of the hour you will have all been drawn 3-4 times and will have made 3-4 drawings of other people. It’s a light-hearted, untutored session; a chance to practice drawing a wide range of faces and to meet a few new people at the same time.

Who can take part

Like all of our online programme, Portrait Club sessions are run through the Draw Patreon – you can think of it like a monthly membership which you can increase, decrease or cancel at any time. Portrait club is available to supporters on the Portrait Drawing, Life Drawing, Student All Access & Patron of the Arts tiers; all abilities are welcome.

To take part, you need:

  • A Zoom account
  • A tablet or smartphone with the Zoom app or a computer with a microphone and camera.
  • Drawing materials
  • Suitable lighting for when you pose
  • NB. You will need to use the ‘pin video’ function on Zoom – you can find out how to pin videos HERE.

To access the session

Once you are signed up to Patreon you will get a link sent to you on the day of the session. You will be able to access that link HERE and you will be able to log into the session from 6:45 UK time.

After the session

There is no pressure to share your drawings, but if you would like to you can post them up on the Draw community Facebook group HERE – it is a great chance to see the work other people have made and to connect with other sketchers. 

Time: 19:00 → 20:00
Location: Zoom

Tuition: Untutored