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Relief Printing at Home (4 week course)

Relief printmaking is the print process wherein the raised areas of the block are inked, this can either be achieved reductively, by carving away, or additively by building up a surface. Linocut, woodcut and wood engraving fall into this category. Relief printing allows for seemingly simple marks, such as a few lines carved into lino, to become bold and impactful prints. Relief printing is undeniably one of the most exciting forms of printmaking when you realise that any relief surface can be transformed into your print block. In this course will be exploring reduction linocut, jigsaw cuts, ink blends and card collagraph.


Printmaking is not just the straight-forward reproduction of an image, it is an engaging and absorbing process, an act of image making that can transform your ideas and drawings into something spectacular, that can’t be replicated in any other medium.

This online printmaking course will allow you to learn new and develop existing skills in printmaking and image making, while working at your own pace. Scarlett will show you how to set up a printing space in your home and how to work to professional standards, whether you're working in your home studio or on your kitchen table. 

We will recreate the social and community feel of an in-person class in our weekly live sessions through Zoom and with our online forum, where you will be able to share photos of your works in progress with the group and give each other feedback and support.



How it will work

Every Monday during the 4 week course you will get access to instructional videos explaining and demonstrating different relief techniques. You will be able to watch these videos and print-along with them at your own speed throughout the week. On the Saturday of that week you will join a small Zoom session (max 8 students) where you will all be working together in your shared zoom-studio. In this session you will be able to ask questions and share your successes and failures with the group, and Scarlett will be able to give further demonstrations when needed.

You will also be invited to join the Print Club, an online forum on Slack.com shared by all Printmaking at Home students and alumni. You will be able to share your prints, questions, inspirations and works-in-progress with the whole community and in a private group just for the members of this course.

For the last week of the course you will be sent a bonus video with an advanced printmaking technique for you to try when you are feeling confident to. The materials for the bonus video are not provided in the materials box but can be easily sourced if you want to give it a try. Throughout the weeks you will also be able to contact Scarlett for specific feedback on your prints.


Course timetable:

Week 0

Monday 30th January / 19:00-19:45 / A recorded introduction for all students on Zoom

This will be a chance to get used to the format of the Zoom sessions, meet the rest of the group, and to ask questions about the materials you will need, ensuring you are ready to start in time for the following week. This session will be recorded for those who join the course after this date.

Week 1

Mon 6th February / Videos will be shared covering:

  • Introduction to Relief print
  • Registration & Printing With a Press
  • Reduction Linocut

Saturday 11th February / Live Zoom workshop / 10-12pm & 4-6pm


Week 2

Mon 13th February / A video will be shared covering:

  • Jigsaw Linocut & Ink Blends

Saturday 18th February / Live Zoom workshop / 10-12pm & 4-6pm


Week 3

Mon 20th February / A video will be shared covering:

  • Card Collagraph

Saturday 25th February / Live Zoom workshop / 10-12pm & 4-6pm


Week 4

Mon 27th February / Videos will be shared covering:

  • Combining Print Processes & Editioning
  • *Bonus video: Etched Linocut*

Saturday 4th March / Live Zoom workshop / 10-12pm & 4-6pm


Preparing for the Online Course

A week before the start of the course there will be a short Zoom meeting to introduce the course to everyone and familiarise yourself with the Zoom app, providing the opportunity for a Q&A about the course and materials you will be using and allowing you time to order materials before the course start date the following week. 

What you will need for the online sessions:

  • A tablet, smartphone or computer with a microphone & camera
  • A free Zoom account - you can sign up to Zoom here
  • A free Slack account for the online forum - you can sign up to Slack here.


As part of the full price course you will receive a materials box including all the basic materials you will need for the course.
All students will need to source some additional materials; the course also includes a special discount code that can be used at Handprinted.co.uk - these extra materials will cost no more than £30 and you may already have some at home.

If you join for the discounted rate you will not receive a materials box and will need to source all the following materials. If you book without a materials box Scarlett will send you a shopping list with links for U.K. and international sites to source these materials as well as alternative substitutes.

Provided in the materials box:

  • A5 Traditional grey Lino block x 2
  • A5 soft cut lino block x 1
  • A5 mountboard x 2
  • 2 pots of relief printmaking ink
  • ~A4 printmaking paper x 20 (Fabriano Rosapina 220gsm)
  • A4 cartridge paper x 20 (Seawhite 220gsm)
  • Piece of Sandpaper (600 grit)
  • Greyboard for the registration board
  • Pair of gloves

Extra materials that all students will need to provide*:

  • Linocut carving tools
  • Printmaking roller
  • Scalpel/craft knife
  • (Desirable) Palette knife
  • Paintbrush 
  • PVA glue
  • Vegetable oil/Solvent to clean up
  • Rags/kitchen towel/newspaper to clean up
  • Wooden spoon/printing press
  • *Optional Extra for Etched Linocut: Caustic soda, wallpaper paste, synthetic paintbrush, scourer/plastic brush*

*Further details will be provided on booking


Please note:

Cost of delivery for the materials box is included for UK addresses. If you live outside of the UK there will be an additional postage cost, please email info@draw-brighton.co.uk if you live outside the UK and would like to join the course with the materials box.

The cost of the course has been calculated in an effort to make it affordable and accessible, so there is no standard discount offered. However if you would like to take part in the course but the full cost is a barrier to you then please email info@draw-brighton.co.uk with a brief explanation and we will hopefully be able to accommodate you.

IMPORTANT: The cost of this course (INCLUDING the materials box) is £105

If you already have all the listed materials provided, you can select the 'discounted' price to join to course WITHOUT the materials box - £85

Time: 10:00 → 12:00
Location: Zoom

Tuition: Ongoing CourseTutored


( £85.00)

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