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In Person Introduction to Stone Lithography (Weekend Course)

Scarlett Rebecca

Lithography is a complex but hugely rewarding form of printmaking, often seen as a mysterious and magical process; it can be broken down to the fundamental basis that oil and water do not mix. With this principle in mind we draw straight onto the surface of the limestone as you would on a sheet of paper, only using grease based drawing materials made for this exact purpose. The resulting marks that can be achieved on the stone can range from the softness of charcoal to the exquisite details of a watercolour wash. Lithography is perfect if you want to take your drawing to another level.

During the weekend you will be introduced to the basics of stone lithography and you will have your own stone to work from. We will look at the work of artists Käthe Kollwitz, Paula Rego, Pablo Picasso, David Hockney and many others who have favoured stone lithography and mastered the effects within their image making. This method of printmaking allows for an enormous range of mark making and captures detail with exquisite subtleties. You will finish the weekend with a small edition of prints and proofs.

During this weekend course we will cover:
-      Drawing materials and mark making
-      Technical process of etching
-      Paper handling
-      Registration
-      Set up and use of the direct lithographic press
-      Printing 
-      Editioning of the prints
-      Removing the image and grinding the stone

Suitable for those with no printmaking experience and those wishing to refresh their skills. Maximum 4 participants.


Covid safety precautions will be updated closer to the start of the course. More information will be provided on booking.

Time: 10:00 → 16:00
Location: The Draw Studio

Tuition: TutoredOngoing Course


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