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Jake Spicer


Jake is a visual artist, author and educator and started the Brighton Life Drawing Sessions in 2009, which became Draw in 2011. Alongside his role as Head Tutor of Draw and course leader of the Draw Atelier, Jake is Co-Director of The Drawing Circus, which he started with Francesca Cluney in 2010 . Jake has written a series of best-selling instructional drawing books aimed at making drawing accessible to everybody, and runs the Draw online programme from his studio in Mawddach Crescent.

What Jake says about his work:

"I have always used drawing as a way of making sense of the world around me; to me it is curiosity made tangible - a way of recording a long moment spent looking. I firmly believe that anybody who has the will to draw can learn to draw, and to learn to see the world differently in the process. That was why I started teaching life classes here in Brighton in 2009 and why I continue to teach it now."

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