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Jennie Webber


Jennie Webber is a freelance illustrator and printmaker, specialising in etching. Her inspiration is drawn from nature and is heavily influenced by themes of conservation. From unusual animals, to marine life and botany, Jennie’s illustrations aim to encourage an understanding and appreciation for the natural world. Her first children’s book ‘It Starts with a Seed’ won the inaugural Margaret Mallet award for Children’s Non-fiction in 2017 and has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Award. Her forthcoming book ‘The Coral Kingdom’ aims to raise awareness for conservation issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef.

In 2014 Jennie founded Wild Life Drawing, a drawing class that aims to reconnect Londoners with animals and nature through creativity. Draw has been collaborating with Jennie since 2016, bringing Wild Life Drawing sessions to our Brighton studio.

IG: @jennie_webs
TW: @jennie_webs


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