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Peter Orrock

Session Leader

Peter Orrock is an artist that we are delighted to welcome to the Draw Studio as session leader for the Friday afternoon Long Pose life drawing session!

Here's what Peter says about his work:

"Painting is simply what I do. Art was my strongest subject when young and I used this to build myself a career as a freelance graphic designer. Throughout the twenty years I worked in the field, I persisted with life drawing to keep my drawing skills up to speed. One day a tutor suggested I do a fine art degree for fun. The experience proved life changing and having completed the degree I now paint full time. Painting is the most challenging and rewarding occupation I have found. Trying to represent what I see in front of me on canvas will always be an impossible task, but each time I hope to get a bit closer. I am fascinated by how the eye and brain perceive what is in front of us. This is especially true of colour. I will often light my subjects with both warm and cool lights at the same time to add complexity to the image. I admire the work of John Singer Sargent and wish I could emulate his economy and skill in creating realistic images."

IG: @peterorrockart


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