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The Draw Atelier 2020-21 will not be going ahead. We hope to run a course in 2021-22, updates will be announced through our newsletter.


The Draw Atelier was created in 2012 to fulfil the need for structured, skills based drawing education in Brighton; since its inception it has evolved into a three-term course, teaching the core skills of drawing, printmaking and painting. The first term of the course, led by Jake Spicer, focuses on establishing practical drawing skills in order to develop a language in which to express personal ideas and observations. In the second term students develop their understanding of composition and image making through a term of printmaking under Sue Haseltine and in the final term we explore oil painting with a variety of guest tutors. Through discursive group sessions and artist-led tutorials the course creates a supportive environment in which everybody is encouraged to learn and develop together, with life drawing at its heart. Each year we aim to create a varied and supportive Atelier class with students of varied ages and backgrounds, united by a common interest in drawing and a desire to be part of the wider Draw community. The course is not accredited, with the focus kept on learning rather than academic qualification.

The Draw Atelier has a flexible structure and a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the Draw programme. Students must attend the 10:30-17:30 Tuesday Atelier class each week and may also attend any of our drop-in life drawing classes. We recommend that students attend a minimum of two drop-in sessions per week to get the most from the course - there are sessions running six days a week and there is no limit to the number you can come to.


*Please note that the 2020-21 course will not be going ahead*

Expressions of interest are welcome at any time. Full applications are accepted from the start of May until the end of June with acceptance decisions made at the start of July. To apply, just get in touch through our contact form or directly via email on info@draw-brighton.co.uk - we'll send you over a prospectus and ask you to complete an application form, after which we will arrange a portfolio interview. We are able to accept 10 applicants per year and allocate places on the basis of whether we think the course will be of maximum benefit to your learning. We accept applicants of all abilities and levels of experience so no specific qualifications or past art education are required, although the course will be most beneficial to those with some drawing experience. Past students have ranged in age from 19–75 years old and we aim for a varied mix of ages and backgrounds in each year's cohort.

The course costs £1850, payable as a deposit followed by three termly instalments. Bursaries are available for students under 25 or those in financial need and one full scholarship is awarded each year.




Will Scobie
Rebecca Mothersole
Stewart Ullyott
Laura Ryan
Jess Wylde
Daniel Tomlinson
Maroulla Simmonds
Jane Holter
Xinchu Zhang
Dene Zarins
Gemma Thomas


Lori Hodges
Chou Luqian
Puja Louise Brown
Jared Cobain
Felicity Allbrooke
Theresa Price
Joy Gretton
Christy Morely-Short
Rowana Galbraith
Lara Perez Tapia
Bella Franks


Lancelot Richardson
David Hawley
Lori Hodges
Pamela Romano
Caitlin Mckeon
Harry Lloyd
Chiara Confalonieri
Anna Scott
Carole Gledhill


Oliver Anderson
Jess Olorenshaw
Caitlin Mckeon
Lisa Buttery
Chris Perry
Santiago Fernández
Josie Tompkins
Julian Rowlinson


Nicola Miles
Rob Pretorius
Mary Martin
Theresa Price
Laura Nenonen
Emma Sandham-King
Milo Hartnoll
Laura Ryan
Jenny Bailey
Maia Spall
Poppy Veale


Milo Hartnoll
Nicholas Breakspere
Marion Neville
Marina Ray
Theresa Price
Margaret Rignell
Jenny Bailey
Eric Barfield


Laura Ryan
Eric Barfield
Marina Ray
Theresa Price
Margaret Rignell